Apex Gold Silver Coin 2 is our second coin shop in Winston Salem with a whole separate inventory but same great Coin Dealer

Apex Gold Silver Coin 2 is our second coin shop in Winston Salem with a whole separate inventory but same great Coin DealerApex Gold Silver Coin 2 buys coins and is offering silver coins and we generally buy gold in Winston-Salem. Specialize in Coins, Currency, Jewelry, Watches, and the Investing of Precious Metals.


Apex Gold & Silver Coin situated at Cooks Flea Market inside Winston Salem, on 4250 N. Patterson Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 and servicing 100’s of customers a weekend break. By keeping the margins near we are able to pay A LOT OF MONEY on all Jewelry, Coins, Diamonds, Watches and Collectables. Subsequently we sell right waiting for you and offer a huge selection of Coins and Watches to all of our customers. We  Strives to provide fair pricing and the largest coin selection in Winston Salem and generally Pay Top Dollar on Coins and Gold.


We offer a unique service of buying Coins, Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds and Collectables, really just about anything of value.


In addition to purchasing a variety of items we work on a little margin,which benefits all.


In turn we have many more repeat customers compared to the average Coin Shop




Established in 2012.


I have been collecting pocket and coins timepieces since childhood with my Grandfather. We would spend hours tinkering with coins and watches, together we would hit yard sales and auctions around Winston Salem or rather say my Grandparents would allow me to accompany them. I grew up here Winston Salem and attended RJ Reynolds High School, lived here in Winston Salem until about the the late 90’s then transferred to Puerto Rico where I has been a scuba instructor and a industrial fisherman and lived now there for about ten years. In ’09 2009 I moved back to Winston Salem and started working on coins and watches once again. I enjoy considering new items and discovering their ideals and history, the more puzzling an item is the more I’m interested in it; so please feel free to come discover Jeff Joyce at Apex Gold Silver Coin located at Cooks Flea Market in Winston Salem, NC.


Meet the Business Owner


Jeffrey J.


Business Owner


Concerning the Owner


Jeffrey Joyce started his way to learning to be considered a coin dealer just how a great many other people do: he was introduced to coin collecting watching collecting as a spare time activity. In Jeff’s situation, his grandfather showed him the ropes. Grandfather and grandson invested hours trying out coins and watches together. They visited yard product sales, auctions, plus much more over the Winston-Salem area, where Jeff up grew.


Jeff graduated from RJ Reynolds High school and stayed in your community for some more years before he tripped to Puerto Rico at age twenty-three. He stayed there for another ten years, working as a scuba instructor and industrial fisherman. When he came back to america, he returned into coins and watches.


Today, Jeff loves his job. He enjoys considering new products, discovering their history and values, and solving historical puzzles. Bring your strange, puzzling, to meet up Jeff and valuable what to Apex Gold Silver Coin today!




Apex Gold Silver Coin 2


4250 Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27105


Phone: (336) 486-2266


Web: http://apexgoldsilvercoin2.com



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